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1 | Use A Whole School/Campus Approach To Coordinate Your Activities

Providing an inclusive and effective learning environment for all levels of learning is dependent on using a whole school/campus approach. It is important to create positive partnerships that engage the whole school/campus in meeting the development needs of students of all levels. Try your best to make sure that as many people in the community/campus as possible are involved in the decision-making and goal-setting processes. This could mean involving the students, parents, other faculties, and support staff when coordinating activities throughout the week. Working together will help achieve engagement of the students and make for a successful career week!

2 | Promote career development as an integral part of student learning

Being an entrepreneur means more than just starting a business. Entrepreneurs need to possess certain skills and attributes that make them good leaders. These types of leadership skills can be fostered early in a student’s education. Educators play an important role in the career development of students at every level. Promoting career development as a part of learning is a critical part of educators’ ability to positively influence students’ values, attitudes, and even career choices. Educators have the opportunity to help students navigate through the abundance of information that is now available to them and to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful when they enter the workforce.

3 | Career Development is everyone’s responsibility. Involve your school, institution, community, and employers

A large part of social entrepreneurship is the collaboration and collective effort of a community. It is important to get everyone involved in the process! A great way to do this might be to encourage students to involve their parents, peers, or employers by telling them about the proposed venture and inviting their support.

4 | Have fun

Let’s make learning fun and create a hands-on learning environment that incorporates unique ways to guide activities throughout the week for an enjoyable and effective experience!

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